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Welcome to the LENA Pro Download Center, where you may obtain LENA Pro and ADEX software, User Guides, and release notes.

A valid Product Key is required to install LENA Pro software. For detailed information on features and product enhancements or how your data may be affected after an upgrade, please select “Release Notes” for the particular software version you are interested in before downloading.

The supported operating system is Windows 10. 

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LENA Pro was specifically designed for researchers, speech-language pathologists (SLPs), audiologists, and pediatricians. LENA technology allows you to easily collect, process, and analyze language environment and development data for children ages 2 months to 48 months.

 Title  Version Release Date Release Notes Documentation Software
LENA Pro v3.5.0 1/27/2017 Release Notes User Guide Download v3.5.0



The LENA Advanced Data EXtractor (ADEX) tool extends the scope of LENA-based research beyond the basic LENA language indices (e.g., Adult Word Count, Conversational Turns, Key Child Vocalizations, AVA). Using ADEX, researchers can examine word count data separately for male and female adults, find the average and peak energy levels of each vocalization activity block, and retrieve duration data for non-key child vocalizations, overlapping speech, TV, noise, and silence.

 Title  Version Release Date Release Notes Documentation Software
ADEX v1.1.3 12/7/2012 Release Notes User Guide Download v1.1.3